Cathy Luchetti

Creative Non-fiction Author

Medicine Women

Medicine Women by Cathy Luchetti

Medicine Women. The Story of Early-American Women Doctors. By Cathy Luchetti

“Understanding the stories of these medical pioneers–their motivations, hardships, and conflicts–assigns a human face to otherwise dry statistics. The early-American female doctor comes vividly to life through her own writings, which have been incorporated into this book. Along with Cathy Luchetti’s expert and engaging narrative, and a collection of more than 50 stunning photographs, Medicine Women offers the key to the heart of the rural, frontier doctor.”

“An authentic, refreshing and even inspiring view of life on the frontier.” San Francisco Chronicle

“Anyone interested in American history should read Women of the West.” Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A fascinating and moving tribute…An elegant connective narrative and 150 remarkable photographs put some of the last century’s history in more realistic perspective.” Los Angeles Times

“The real payoff is not money but seeing someone really ill return a few days later with a sparkle in his eye and happiness in his face.”
Lena Schreier, frontier doctor in Medicine Women

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