Cathy Luchetti

Creative Non-fiction Author

An Amazon Trek with Auckoo to find the elusive Amazonian bush dog

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When Auckoo asked me to “write his book” it was too good to pass up. Whether biography or autobiography, this is a story that must be told. A story of wilderness survival, a man of the jungle, a man married to a Jivaro Indian in Peru, her tribe once being headhunters. He knows every path, every secret place, where to find frogs for sapo, where to track the elusive bush dog. I’ll interview and write for a week and then trek into the jungle to find the dog. Thanks to Beverly, there’s now a dandy graphic of Auckoo – who knows, perhaps this will be the cover? “Bring 12 fox traps, a bottle of jack daniels, cigars and Red Wing boots” he said.  The traps are suited with special foam to prevent any discomfort. That is, if a dog happens to come along. Also will take snake gaiters.

wild amazonian bush dog chow

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